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[Wikimedia-l] The AfroCine Project: Thank you for your participation!

Thank you all for your participation and support during the 2021 Months of
African Cinema Contest[1] which ended on 30th November 2021.

Based on our initial statistics, we have been able to get about 3,000
articles created in over 14 languages![2] A big thank you to everyone who
created articles during the contest for making this happen. We also want to
sincerely thank all organizers who have managed to make the contest happen
in their local communities.

The review of all the submitted articles will commence as soon as possible
and we hope to announce winners in February 2022. If you haven’t already,
please remember to list your articles in both the Users by Articles page[3]
and the article achievement section[2] in order to get your articles
assessed by the international jury.

We wish you all a fulfilled month ahead and look forward to your
participation in future projects!

Warm regards,

Eben Mlay

Community Liaison, Afrocine project