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[Wikimedia-l] GSoC 2019 and Outreachy Round 18 are over! Call for projects and mentors for Outreachy Round 19 begins.
Hello everyone,

Google Summer of Code 2019 and Outreachy Round 18 are over! See a complete
list of 15 projects interns worked on this past summer:,

If you find a project relevant to your area of interest, you can explore
more via the resources mentioned in the links above. Help test the tools or
features and share your feedback or any information on bugs you encountered
in a comment on the corresponding Phabricator task.

Next up is Outreachy Round 19! Wikimedia is participating in the winter

If you are interested in mentoring a coding or non-coding (documentation,
design, research, outreach, translation, etc.) project, and you are not
familiar with the program, reach out to me (via email
to learn more about the next steps.

If you are already familiar with the program and want to share your idea
for a project that you would like to mentor, share in a comment on this
Phabricator task:

The *deadline to submit* projects on the Outreachy website is *September
24th, 2019*.

Some relevant links:
* A recent blog post highlighting one of our intern's and mentor's
experience participating in Outreachy program with Wikimedia:
* Outreachy website:
* Roles and responsibilities of an Outreachy mentor:

Looking forward to your participation!


*Srishti Sethi*
Developer Advocate
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