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Re: about image tags
Hello, I´m new on the list!

I think that this method may be a little trickier to implement than a more
general model (we´re talking only about images and their freedom and type):

the link to a img could be IMG_link:Free_or_Non_Free_BOOL:License always.

Then we could have a page describing (printable) about all the licenses
(being easier to add more as they appear).

The printing CSS could distinguish wether a Img is printable and link the
license at will. Same as to showing at a CSS-compliant browser.

Just some ideas,

Bruno Longo (Brazil)

> >
> > We use the following tags whenever possible:
> > {{GFDL}}
> > {{DomainePublic}}
> > {{FairUse}}
> > {{LicenceInconnue}} (unknown)
> >
> > So later on, we can either clarify or remove the unknown licence images.
> >
> >
> >
> > Yann