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Re: How to set up spf for my client/server situation [ In reply to ]
>> What's worse, is Sender-ID implementations will use the SPF record if no
>> Sender-ID record exists. Although Sender-ID adoption is much less an
>> SPF, it can still cause delivery problems to those hosts that use it if
>> the sending domain lacks correct records, which is why the "spf2.0/pra"
>> record is recommended to prevent this fall-back.
>By who? Unless your domain uses a third party sender that uses their own Mail
> From and your body From this isn't required.

err most mailinglists for one
and all SRS compatable forwarders for another

>Much more common is that PRA ends up being some unrelated domain due to added
>headers and publishing your own SIDF record won't affect that.
>Scott K
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