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Please unsubscribe yourself - WAS Re: welcome to spf-deployment
Oh, my lord. You must be kidding.

First, check the headers. Who was the recipient? Do you even know HOW to check the headers?

Second, this is NOT UCE. Someone SIGNED UP to be on this list. And, guess what, it's purpose is to help further stop the flow of SPAM (look up what SPF is - I'll make it easy for you: or, for the more paranoid (meaning YOU) (it's an executive summary and doesn't have too many big words... You should be able to understand it!)). What this is is a list of technical people that use each others knowledge to help implement this solution. We're a part of the solution and NOT the problem.

Third, I'm glad that Life Plus does not condone UCE. Perhaps with that attitude and a little perseverence, we won't see your domain added to a blacklist. However, given your reaction to this thread/situation, I'm thinking that if you DO manage to keep yourselves relay-free, it'll be mostly by LUCK.

Shady? The forerunner of your mail servers being abused? I'm curious: are you a student of Carolyn Meinel?

(Why, all of a sudden, is my hair standing on end?)

You say you did not ask what the definition of relaying was, but it was clear to me (and everyone else on this list, I would think) that you appear to lack an understanding of not only what it is but also how it works. Just because you're RECEIVING these messages doesn't mean you're being used as a relay... Why you would think that is beyond me.

Please, do the world a favor and go here: <> . Un SUBSCRIBE (SUBSCRIBE being the operative term here). Learn a little more about how this "internet" thing works. Perhaps then you can join those of us with a clue and try to be a part of the solution and NOT a part of the problem.

As far as a salary being well spent on those who can rattle off definitions, I had to re-read that several times just to be sure I read what I thought I had read. Where do you get off making such a statement? Your ineducation and incorrect view that you know what you're talking about is slightly disturbing. Are you really responsible, even in some small way, for protecting your network? I most certainly hope there is someone there who can help guide you and steer you back in the right direction. As for pay, I strongly suspect that you are overpaid. Knowing how to describe what something is is one thing: UNDERSTANDING how they work is another. Hell, I've got two KIDS working for me making about fifteen bucks an hour that understand this stuff (and much more!).

I really, REALLY have no tolerance for uppity, know-it-all types that think it's cool to try to make others look like they don't know what they're talking about. It's fun, however, when someone like you walks up, sticks their foot in their mouth, then asks for someone to put the other foot in there, too. I do not profess to know it all, however I can say one thing with absolute certainty: I know more than you. At least about this stuff...

As for "obviously and intentionally" not answering your question, well, he DID answer it:

You implied that your system was being used as a relay. He pointed out that, because you were receiving the messages and (through a fair explanation) NOT a relay, that there wasn't a problem. He politely offered info on how to unsubscribe. For this, you throw insults at him?

Just unsubscribe. Please...

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I am not affiliated and do not know any party included in the original email. I want to know why I am getting this email. Life Plus does not condone and takes a strong stance against UCE. This all seems shady in my opinion and looks to be the forerunner of our email servers being abused...a matter I take very seriously. I did not ask what the definition of relaying was although I am glad that your salary is well spent on being able to rattle off definitions. My question was "Why am I getting emails..." from a UCE company when that email has no affiliation and should not be be coming to our domain? A question you obviously and intentionally avoided?

Neil Reade

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Neil Reade wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> Why may I ask am *I* getting emails about updating SPF records
> through *my* email server at Relaying through our
> email server is prohibited

(my emphasis)

By definition, if YOU'RE getting the email, and it's YOUR mail server, then it's NOT RELAY.

Relay is if Mary uses Joe's mail server to send email to Frank, where neither Mary nor Frank are affiliated with Joe.

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