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SANS Complimentary Webcasts in February (fwd)
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Bill Stearns, BTW, has contributed to SpamAssassin in the past,
so there may be some SpamAssassin-related goodness in this ;)

- --j.

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Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 17:27:42 -0500
From: The SANS Institute <>
To: Justin Mason (SD665909) <>
Subject: SANS Complimentary Webcasts in February

Dear Colleague,

Take a few minutes this week to tune in to a SANS webcast for free
training about the newest spam filtering techniques and how spammers
are sneaking past them. Listen to the live presentation from the comfort
of your home or office while you follow along on the slides. If you've
never tuned in to a SANS webcast before, see the end of this message
for simple instructions.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, at 1:00pm EST (1800 UTC)
We Have a Spam Filter - Why Do I Continue to Get Spam?
Featuring: Bill Stearns
Sponsored by: MailFrontier

The onslaught of Spam continues with no end in sight. Bill Stearns and
Gleb Budman will give us some insights and suggestions for mitigation.
Bill Stearns is a certified SANS instructor and Network Manager for the
SANS Institute. His background is in operating system and network
security, with a focus on firewalls, and he is an active contributor to
the Linux development effort. Gleb Budman leads overall product strategy
and development for MailFrontier, a company that specializes in
comprehensive spam management.

New Training Opportunity:
Learn to configure and run Modwall, an open source Intrusion Protection
System developed by Bill Stearns. This brand new two-day course
on Intrusion Protection Systems will debut at the SANS 2004 Annual
Conference in Walt Disney World this April. An IPS is a merger of
the best features of Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems. Learn
advanced material on design, construction, pros and cons.

SANS 2004 Annual Conference
April 1-8, 2004 Orlando FL


Details on all SANS webcasts can be found at

SANS Webcasts are live web broadcasts that allow you to hear a
knowledgeable speaker while viewing presentation slides that you
download in advance. You need either Real Audio Player or Windows Media
Player (free downloads are available at our website), and a SANS portal
account. If you don't have an account, just go to
and fill in the simple registration form, it's free. Once you have an
account you can also access an archive of past webcasts, available at

Upcoming SANS Webcasts:
February 11: Internet Storm Center: Threat Update
February 17: HIPAA Security Step-by Step Guide - Part 1
February 18: HIPAA Security Step-by Step Guide - Part 2
February 26: Thin Client Strategies: Reducing Risk through Centralized
March 3: Integrating Change Management with Security Controls

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