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Help with SA
Hi all,

I am running QMAIL-1.03, with qmail-scanner-1.16 which calls spamassassin-2.61. Spamassassin is running as a daemon like this

"/usr/perl5/5.6.1/bin/perl /usr/perl5/bin/spamd -L -x -u spamc"

And qmail-scanner calls spamassasin like this "/usr/perl5/bin/spamc -c -f < /var/spool/qmailscan/working/new/rogue10739189834266905"

This setup is running on Soalris 9 in a relay environment. Where all mail is filtered by qmail-scanner and spamassassin and passed
through to exchange server. Lately alot of spam is passing through and users are complaining that almost half of the spam is going to
their Inbox. Users have a rule in their outlook client which looks for "X-Spam-Status: Yes," and puts it in their spam box folder upon finding it.
I have tried lowering the score to 4 but with no effect. I turned the debugging level on for qmail and i am seeing that some mails have
Spamassassin header but some doesn't and it seems like these messages are not being checked by spamasssin at all. I dont know
spamassasin much to figure out what the problem is. Could someone please help me point in right direction.

Thanks much,
Atif Faruqui