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Another evil number
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Re: Another evil number [ In reply to ]
On 6/25/21 1:12 PM, Bill Cole wrote:
> There was also an old nomenclature system that mapped the local exchange
> prefix to 2 letters and a digit, with the 2 letters being an
> abbreviation of some word. For example, as a kid I had a "Parkview 1"
> number: 721-xxxx. Businesses would often put their numbers in print ads

> using those, e.g. PA1-1234. Parkview was not an actual place, but all
> the PAx exchanges in St. Louis were within a mile or two of Forest Park,
> i.e. people who might be able to have a view of the park from an
> adequately tall tree.

My understanding is the letters were (the first?) part of the phone
switch / exchange name. The following Wikipedia article supports this
and has more details.

Link - Telephone exchange names - Wikipedia

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