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Any word on Yahoo secureing their redirector ?
(This was originally posted last Tuesday to the old list, and was just
returned to me now).

Just got a false positive on a redirector rule posted here a while ago. The
URL that triggered the FP is from the tag on the bottom of a mail sent from
Yahoo mail, with this URL.*

Rule is:

uri __L_URI_REDIR m!https?://.{1,170}/\*http://!i
uri __L_YAHOO_REDIR m!https?://us\.ard\.yahoo\.com/.{1,170}/\*https?://!i
describe L_URI_REDIR URI redirector
score L_URI_REDIR 3.0

Can someone (maybe the rule's author) refresh my memory -- I think this was
designed to let by a NEW redirector Yahoo had started that was secure. Have
they actually secured the old one, if they are useing it themselves ?

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