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Can't get enough EvilNumbers
Shiver me timbers!  Numbers appear exactly as written.

1) Various Norton subscription numbers, Nort-One, Nort-Two, and
Nort-Three :)

Nort-One member account
+1 (877) 881-6389

Nðrtõn Nët Secure
+1 (800) 680-9493

De-babbled regex for the above: /N\xC3\xB0rt\xC3\xB5n\sN\xC3\xABt\sSecure/

Norton Life-Lock
Helpline Number:  18884992067
HELPDESK: 18884992067
Call us on 18884992067 (Toll free) and speak to an agent

Good thing they repeated the number THREE times.  You know how guys are.

2) Amazon Security wants me to call them about my new HP Laptop purchase:


3) One of Amazon's endless Gmail accounts wants me to confirm my
purchase of an iPhone 11 :)

+1 (570) 500-8391

4) In a unique twist, Diplomat Mr Larry Don advised me about my waiting
consignment/trunk box.  I instructed Mr Don to ship that box within one
fortnight :)

+1(502) 890-1392

Les foutre tous,

-- Jared Hall
"I have lived.  I have loved.  I have been loved. What more can you ask
from life?"