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Bitcoin rules needs to get more fuzzy
HI - I'm not sure who wrote the nice extort bitcoin rules that have been
doing a great job.   But this email got through, so I think the rules
without triggering any rules.   So maybe some need some tweaking.   Or
maybe there are customized rules that people have written, that I could
add?  Thanks. - Mark

Let me be straight, I know the fact you like to see *[P]0RN0GRAPH[Y]*
videos with your smart-phone , and I reecorded you while you
*MASTRUBATE*. Your smartphone got a virus which allowed me to use your
front camera in background , so I copied as well your emails contacts,
phone list, social media list and so on in order to get a benefit.

So! If u don`t send me 800$ value in [B]IT [C]0IN the video wlth you
doing... u know what, will be sent to all your contacts. You can use
Google and search for *PAXFUI* to get the coins and send those to the
next address.

The amount(approximately): *0.021*

The Address Part 1: *18ErXir6rCoTzc81nw1t*


The Address Part 2: *UcfTs2GQxaTZVR*


Now, you have to copy and paste manually *Part 1 and Part 2* in one
string made of *34 characters* with no space between parts that start
with *"1"* and end with *"R"* is, the actually address *which is CaSe
SeNsItIvE* where you should send the bribery. You have a few days!

Also... to remove my sneaky stuff from your device search for on HOW TO
RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS and your phone model and follow the
instructions. As well, you may want to end this habbit because is like
any addication.