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svn commit: r1871074 - /spamassassin/branches/3.4/build/announcements/3.4.3.txt
Author: gbechis
Date: Mon Dec 9 07:30:42 2019
New Revision: 1871074

mention _SUBTESTSCOLLAPSED(,)_ template tag


Modified: spamassassin/branches/3.4/build/announcements/3.4.3.txt
--- spamassassin/branches/3.4/build/announcements/3.4.3.txt (original)
+++ spamassassin/branches/3.4/build/announcements/3.4.3.txt Mon Dec 9 07:30:42 2019
@@ -83,6 +83,9 @@ email if a rule is matched.
A new template tag _SUBJPREFIX_ that maps to the subject prefix that
has been added by the subjprefix keyword.

+A new template tag _SUBTESTSCOLLAPSED(,)_ that maps to subtests that
+hits with duplicated rules collapsed.
A config option rbl_headers has been added to DNSEval plugin,
this option is used to specify in which headers check_rbl_headers
should check for content used to query the specified rbl.