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commit bd3eaa67c8c2e8180978e6e2d4ed843eb30edd20
Author: sunnavy <>
Date: Sat Jun 8 05:15:16 2019 +0800

Update the old admin menu "Tools -> Configuration" to "Admin" in doc

diff --git a/docs/assets.pod b/docs/assets.pod
index 5a959eb6e..576697bba 100644
--- a/docs/assets.pod
+++ b/docs/assets.pod
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ searching.

Catalogs are managed by RT administrators, or anyone with the L</AdminCatalog>
right. You can find the list of catalogs, create new catalogs, and manage
-existing ones under the Tools ? Configuration ? Assets ? Catalogs menu.
+existing ones under the Admin ? Assets ? Catalogs menu.

Currently you need to log out and log back in to see changes to catalogs in any
of the catalog selection dropdowns. This doesn't affect the catalog name
@@ -200,9 +200,9 @@ the "Weight" and "Color" CFs.
Within a box, CFs come after any built-in asset fields such as Name,
Description, Created, Last Updated, etc. The CFs themselves are ordered
according to the sorting seen (and adjustable) on the global Asset Custom
-Fields page (Tools ? Configuration ? Global ? Custom Fields ? Assets) and the
-individual catalog Custom Fields pages (Tools ? Configuration ? Assets ?
-Catalogs ? (Pick one) ? Custom Fields).
+Fields page (Admin ? Global ? Custom Fields ? Assets) and the individual
+catalog Custom Fields pages (Admin ? Assets ? Catalogs ? (Pick one) ? Custom

Global asset CFs may be intermixed with per-catalog CFs with ordering.

diff --git a/docs/automating_rt.pod b/docs/automating_rt.pod
index 11960c38b..b205f1e63 100644
--- a/docs/automating_rt.pod
+++ b/docs/automating_rt.pod
@@ -168,9 +168,8 @@ RT has a built-in ticket priority system with priority values from
0 to 99. Depending on how you configure your queues, you can set 1 as the
top priority with lower numbers meaning more important, or 99 can be the
top priority with higher numbers meaning more important. You can set this
-in your queue configuration at Tools -> Configuration -> Queues. On the queue
-configuration page, set "Priority starts at" and "Over time, priority moves
+in your queue configuration at Admin -> Queues. On the queue configuration
+page, set "Priority starts at" and "Over time, priority moves toward".

Whichever scheme you choose, RT's L<RT::Action::EscalatePriority> can
escalate the priority over time so tickets that are closer to their due

commit 594285ed4b2672a589fc9d0bf3d37df88f907bd9
Author: sunnavy <>
Date: Sat Jun 8 05:17:15 2019 +0800

Update the old article menu "Tools -> Articles -> New Article" to "Articles -> Create" in doc

diff --git a/docs/customizing/articles_introduction.pod b/docs/customizing/articles_introduction.pod
index 09b42d531..e1501d76b 100644
--- a/docs/customizing/articles_introduction.pod
+++ b/docs/customizing/articles_introduction.pod
@@ -83,8 +83,8 @@ Alternatively, use the Applies To link from each Custom Field.

=head2 Creating Articles

-You can create an Article from scratch by going to Tools -> Articles ->
-New Article and then picking which Class to create the Article under.
+You can create an Article from scratch by going to Articles -> Create
+Article and then picking which Class to create the Article under.
You must have a Class to assign the new Article to.
The Summary, Description and Custom Fields will all be searchable when
including an Article and you can control what Custom Fields end up in

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