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rsyslog 1.11.0 released
Hi all,

I am glad to announce rsyslog 1.11.0 (development branch). This version
finally supports the RFC 3195 listener, bringing rsyslog even closer to
its initial design goals. The listener supports full RAW and limited
COOKED profiles (no relay operations). It is implemented as an optional
stand-alone RFC3195-to-local-domain-socket forwarder (named rfc3195d).
This allows it to be used with other syslogds, too.

The RFC 3195 listener is a major feature improvement for rsyslog. It is
build on liblogging ( It should be noted,
however, that there still is much room for improvement in rfc3195d.

An implementation of the RFC 3195 sender is still due. However, I will
first have a look into eventually multi-threading rsyslogd, as that
would relax some of the implications of RFC 3195.

Other than the RFC 3195 support, there is a patch for using multiple
domain sockets in rsyslogd. I discovered a bug present for a very long
time (in fact, it stems back to sysklogd). If you use multiple unix
domain sockets, you might be interested in upgrading. There are also
some other minor things changed.

There is no need to upgrade if you do not need the fix or RFC 3195

If anyone actually uses RFC 3195, I would be most interested to hear
about it.

I hope the release is useful.

Best regards,
Rainer Gerhards