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rsyslog 0.9.6 released
I am glad to announce that I have just released rsyslog 0.9.6. This
release is focussed on streamlining towards the first final 1.0 release.
The documentation has been greatly enhanced and changed to html format.
It now includes an installation howto. Also, samples of system startup
scripts have been added, hopefully facilitating deployment.

Visit the rsyslog status page for download and link to the change log:

There is one important change for existing rsyslogd users: the syntax of
the -r option has been changed. It now accepts the port that rsyslogd
should listen to. That, however, breaks existing scripts. They must be
changed to use "-r 0", which mimics the previous behaviour. I am sorry
for this inconsistency, but I thought it is better to keep the command
line options consistent - and at the current time changing that
interface is hopefully not such a big issue. If we'd do it much later,
it might have been impossible. The new syntax also provides ample
opportunity for future enhancement, which then can be kept consistent
with the -t tcp listener command line option.

The next steps for rsyslog will be to look at the packaging and
eventually some further minor clean-ups. I would also appreciate any
feedback from practical use, especially if you should run a high-volume
system. I now traget the 1.0 release for early September.

There is no need to upgrade to 0.9.6 if you are happy with what you
currently run.

I hope the new release is helpful.

Rainer Gerhards