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rsyslog 0.9.4 is out - full TCP support
Hi all,

I am pleased to announce rsyslog 0.9.4. With 0.9.4, full tcp support has
finally arrived at rsyslog. It now can act both as a receiver as well as
a tcp sender. This provides multiple benefits. For example, syslog
traffic can now easily be encrypted. A paper on how to do that is
available at

Version 0.9.4 has only minor other changes, all of which are listed at

Please note that the site mentioned in this mail is not
yet fully operational. We are currently moving content over to it. For
the time being, is still the project
home page.

Rsyslog development will focus on getting the 0.9.x series very stable
and then releasing a stable release of it. We hope this will soon be the
case. No major additional features are planned for the 0.9.x (soon to
become 1.0) series.

When we start a new development branch, the focus will initially be on
implementing the upcoming syslog protocol RFC and then Move to either a
RFC 3195 wrapper or bringing native SSL to the syslog/tcp connection.
Your feedback is appreciated and might very well influence the schedule.

I hope this tool is useful. Deployment reports are appreciated.

Rainer Gerhards