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Tutorial on encrypting syslog traffic with rsyslog - Feedback Requested
Hi all,

I have just written a tutorial on encrypting syslog traffic. This is to
be released as part of the 1.0 release of rsyslog. I would deeply
appreciate if some of you could have a look at it and provide me some

My intention is to make encrypted syslog much more popular than it is
nowadays. Besides a syslogd capable of doing it easy, good documentation
is needed. The question is where I have arrrive - and what can be
improved. I also intend to ship the configuration files as part of the
rsyslogd package.

Please follow this link:

One important thing: as this is a preview, the rsyslog code necessary to
actually *follow* the tutorial is not yet on the download servers. You
need to obtain it from CVS on sourceforge:

Please note that my main intention is to get some feedback on the text,
so it probably is not necessary to follow with actual code (I except the
next release of rsyslog to come out early next week).

Any feedback is highly appreciated.