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rsyslog 3.12.1 released
Hi all,

Rsyslog 3.12.1 is available immediately. There has been a log going on
under the hood, code has been cleaned up and become more modular (you'll
see more of that in the upcoming releases) and a library
plugin-interface has been added (which so far is not really visible to
the end user). We also worked a bit on portability and rsyslogd now
compiles under HP UX. We are looking for testers, so if you have HP UX,
you are invited to try it out.

Feature-wise, a new syslog mib as been added, runtime debugging support
enhanced and the ability to discard timestamps received via unix sockets
has now been added (and is the default). This is necessary to keep time
information consistent even if local programs log with wrong time
information (what they do in practice).

The gssapi code has greatly been changed and uses the new dynamic plugin
library system. Consequently, some trouble in this regard cannot be
ruled out ;).

Finally, there is an important bugfix: failed actions were not properly
retried, causing message loss in a destination-failure scenario. This is
now corrected.


Change Log:

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Rainer Gerhards