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rsyslog 0.9.2 released - with TCP support!
Hi all:

Good news: rsyslog 0.9.2 is out. Finally, the syslog/tcp receiver has
arrived! This is a big step forward for rsyslog.

Now, it supports reliable message delivery via TCP. Our implementation
is compatible with leading tools and devices like syslog-ng, Cisco PIX
and MonitorWare under Windows. Note, however, the 0.9.2 release only
supports receiving via TCP. Forwarding is not yet supported. So in a
relay chain, rsyslog must be the last daemon to receive the message.
Guess what is next on the todo list; )

Syslog/tcp support is activated via a simple command line switch without
any need for complex configuration file changes!

This time, I have tested rsyslog on FreeBSD immediately and as it looks,
it works without any special tricks.

I hope the new version is useful. Any feedback is highly appreciated.