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rsyslog 0.9.0 released

Rsyslog 0.9.0 has been released today. It now supports log files larger
than 2gb (where supported by OS & file system) and the ability to
specify the maximum size for log files. If a log grows larger, a
rotation script (or something similiar) can automatically be called from
within rsyslog. Also, 0.9.0 includes some minor changes which are in
preparation for upcoming major ones. See the changelog for details.

So far, 0.9.0 has been compiled and tested on Red Hat and Debian, BSD
tests are outstanding.

You can obtain the latest release from

I hope it is helpful. Feedback please address to the list.

Rainer Gerhards
rsyslog 0.9.0 released [ In reply to ]
The links at still point to 0.8.4.
rsyslog 0.9.0 released [ In reply to ]
Oops... sorry, I forgot to update the download link at the top. The URL
for 0.9.0 is

I will change the web, but it will propagate only tonight...


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> The links at still point to 0.8.4.
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