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rsyslog seems to be triggering sdhci dumps when writing in external storage
Hi everyone,

First of all, I've posted the same topic in serverfault
however I'm not getting much help from there as you can see. The point is
that when I configure rsyslog to generate the logs in an external device
I'm having problems with the shdci driver, you can see the rsyslog config
here <>, where `/data/logs` is a
folder in the external drive (SD card) like `lsblk -f` output
<> shows. Then you can see those `SDHCI
REGISTER DUMP` in the dmesg <>.

The most weird thing I can see is that the SDHCI dump is for mmc1 while
external SD card is listed by the kernel as mmc0.

What do you think about the possibility this is a kernel bug? You can see
someone in serverfault suggesting that it could be related to this

Best Regards.

*Javier Fernández Aparicio*

*DevOps Engineer*

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