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Support for Coriant Groove - has been discussed on-list before
Curious if anyone out there has existing code to share for Coriant Groove

This was discussed in the past and it appears to be working, but code
wasn't shared:

I agree generally with the commands listed in that thread as a starting
point. I should note that `clogin` works fine, the only gotcha appears to
be that if you `exit` you get an `are you sure` prompt:

me@o-g30-lab-1> exit
Are you sure? [y/n] y
Shutting down the session

Connection closed

As noted in that thread, `exit -f` omits the prompt. I attempted to do a
simple fake-add of device using clogin by putting this in
rancid.types.base, but it's hung up on that part. Any way to force this,
from rancid.types.base, to send `exit -f` instead of `exit`?

If this truly requires a new actual module, what's current best practice
here - ie which is a good go-to module to copy as a base? Also, the first
command (show shelf) should probably have 'comments' prepending it, like #
or ! or something. unsure how that's accomplished

coriant;script;rancid -t coriant
coriant;command;ios::ShowVersion;show shelf
coriant;command;ios::WriteTerm;show config | display commands
coriant;command;ios::WriteTerm;exit -f