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rancid diff mail destination (was Reporting subsets of Rancid data.)
Fri, Apr 09, 2021 at 05:07:33PM +1200, Daniel Kerse:
> Speaking of which, how are people maintaining their mailing lists for
> Rancid these days? Is majordomo still best of breed here? I looked at it a
> while ago but my rancid servers can’t receive email, only send. So I don’t
> think that’s going to work.
> Part of me still wants to me email subscriptions more of a self-service
> thing and it’s nice to be able to do that without editing the aliases file.

You could use Mailman, a feature superset of majorodomo, which supplies an
extensive web interface such that your rancid server may continue to disallow
smtp in-bound but still allow users to manage their subscriptions, whether
they receive a digest, view archives, etc.

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