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Quieting cisco filesystem size flap
Hey there,

Under IOS-XR we have a stupid logfile (ce_switch.log) that we cannot turn
off, which constantly logs the setting of an LED, which causes our
filesystem to fluctuate, leading to regular reports like this:

- !Flash: harddisk: 6 GB total (70% free)
+ !Flash: harddisk: 6 GB total (69% free)

Would it be possible to smooth the rounding that gives us the "6GB" thing
to the math that also gives us the percentage? (i.e. that round(usage) /
round (total) = percent?

I mean, yes, this would still get annoying if we were fluctuating between
5GB and 6GB for the same reasons.

ALternatively, is there a way to make it so we only get the report if the
delta is more than 1%?



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