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Firepower FXOS 2100 - ASA Mode - "end of run" log message

We have a number of firepower appliances running in ASA mode. We are successfully backing up the ASA element with no/minimal issues. We also wish to take a basic backup and have a means to identify if any changes take place for the FXOS part of the platform.

Access is provided via the dedicated management interface and on a separate IP address to that of the ASA. When manually running a fxlogin with the associated commands (-d and -c switches) as the rancid user, it successfully logs in and completes the request every time no problems at all. I can even get the full running configuration if I use -c 'term len0;show configuration'

However, when manually or using the associated crontab for rancid-run, against all of the firepower devices we see an "end of run" message in the logs.

If anyone has this working for the 2100 series firepower and can share a brief of what variables you have set or could offer any pointers of where to look, it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards