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transparent-as difference from Zebra
Hi All;

I apologize in advance if this is a poor place to report a bug. The
manpage and REPORTING-BUGS file say to send bugs to,
which just doesn't seem like the right place to report a quagga bug.

I run a pair of route servers for the MaineExchangePoint, and have been
running Zebra on them for the last couple of years. Last week I attempted
to switch to Quagga 0.96.3. With the same configuration file, peers with
quagga get next-hops of the quagga route server instead of the appropriate

For example, AS65501 has interface and peers with a quagga
route server (AS65502). 65501 passes a route for to AS65502. AS65503 at peers with the route
server as well, and receives the route., being a route server, has transparent-as turned on with both
peers. The idea is to get the routers to pass traffic to each other, that
the route server just exchanges routes with the peers.

With zebra, sees the route to through AS65501 with
a next hop of This is how it should be.

With the same config file and quagga, sees a route to through AS65501 as it should, but the next-hop is the route
server ( instead of the router.

This is definitely a problem.

Suggestions welcome. RTFM welcome if anyone points out TFM to R.


--- David