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Re: [quagga-users 1365] bgp route server
> Do I understand correctly that bgp multiple-istances and bgp views are
> broken in quagga 0.96.4 ? (I am able to make it work on zebra 0.92 but
> not in quagga.)

Well, AFAICT (if I'm wrong please Paul or anyone correct me) bgp views are not
broken in quagga 0.96.4, what happened was that the idea of what a view
should be changed in some version between zebra 0.92 and Quagga 0.96.4. In
the later, views are considered to be completely independent bgp instances,
and so they do not share peerings.

In this way, configurations with the same peer in two different views, which
worked in zebra 0.92 (although with some 'strange' behaviours), no longer
work with quagga 0.96.4 (it will try to establish several peering with the
remote peer, which is only prepared for a single peering).

> Is Jose Luis Rubio's patch just posted solving this problem ?

So the Route Server patch does not 'fix' anything broken, as it was not
broken, but it permits a better (at least I like to think so :-) approach for
configuring Route Servers than multiple-instance & views.

> Thanks,