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UNH-IOL technical advice needed

In an attempt to help the open source community, HP-LOSL donated
equipment and UNH-IOL test time (a UNH 1-yr routing protocol membership)
for Quagga testing. I have volunteered my time to assist in the test

Last fall Quagga successfully passed OSPF operational testing. This
week quagga is undergoing OSPF Interoperability and NSSA testing.
Unfortunately, the UNH testers are running into problems with Quagga and
I lack to the expertise to keep things moving for them.

If the testers are unable to complete this suite of tests then HP will
be forced to cancel the Quagga certification program. Remaining suites
to be tested include BGP and RIP.

What is needed is someone who is willing to answer the tester's Quagga
questions relatively quickly (i.e., ~real-time). If you are willing to
act as a remote technical advisor, please send an email to Mike and/or
Ethan, the UNH-IOL testers, and they will send you their questions,
configurations and traces.


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