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Doubt about BGP output messages handling
Hello everyone, it's the first time I use this mailing list, so I hope
I'm in the correct section.

I have a question about how quagga process messages sent, in particular
I'm interested in the BGP protocol.

I have downloaded the code and I tried to investigate by myself, but
it's difficult to find something without knowing well the code.

My question concerns the RIB Out and MRAI.
At the end of an MRAI cicle if an UPDATE message has been sent to a peer
this message is removed from the RIB Out of it?
If this is true suppose that after a while the same message is again
inserted in the RIB Out then it will be sent again even if there is no
differences and the other node will see it as a duplicate announcement,
am I correct?

Furthermore quagga does not implement RFD, right?


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