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BGP IPv6 link local address
I think I found a bug with quagga/bgpd and using link local addresses. Below is some info about our setup.

We use address from fc69::/8 and as our "public addresses". Because we aren't directly connected we use VPNs. Example:

IPv4: (me) (my peer)
IPv6: fe80:51::2 (me) fe80:51::1 (my peer)

In my bgpd config, I'm able to establish a BGP session for IPv4 and IPv6. I can receive prefix announcements from them.

When we use link local, all of the IPv6 routes I receive show "::" as the next hop when it should be "fe80:51::1" because I'm only peered with one person. Because it's link local, I tried to specify the right interface with "neighbor fe80:51::1 interface tun-peername" but that didn't fix the problem. In our VPN configs, we replaced the link local addresses with something from the unallocated "fd00::/8". After we did this, it worked. My peer uses bird and doesn't have problems with using link local IPv6.

If I need to clarify anything or provide more information please let me know.

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