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help with bounced forwarded messages
Kevin Mulholland writes:

> the error reported in /uad/adm/messages says
> Sorry,I_couldn'
> now this host exists and is directly connected via ethernet
> it exists in my hosts file and can be 'ping'ed

> smtproutes file

A wildcard entry in smtproutes like this is the equivalent of an MX
record for every host. I'm just guessing, but I suspect that you'll
get the above error message for every host if you have troubles with

> defaultdomain file
> locals file
> localhost
> papa
> me file

Sure you want to set it up like this? You'll be sending out mail as, but you won't be able to receive such mail. The only
way you could get mail back from is if you've got a
mail hub set up that forwards mail to You might
want to list in locals.

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