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handling domain-wide mail seperately from local host mail
Well, I've got my cyrus problem solved quite well now. I wrote a
little wrapper that translates cyrus' deliver script's return codes to
something qmail can understand, so now even bounce messages are
handled ok. It's also got a feature so that the address chrish+joe
will go into the "joe" folder of the user "chrish" -- just like they
have working in the for cyrus. If anyone
would like this, I'd be happy to send it.

What I'm curious about now is whether or not I can have mail sent
directly to a qmail host ( be handled
different from MX-record mail ( that is handled by
the same machine. I assume I can create a virtualhosts like this:

And handle thing this way. Could someone confirm this? I don't
really want to switch our MX record over just to test this out....

Also, would there be anything wrong with creating a second DNS for a
machine (a "real" DNS name, NOT a cname record) for the purposes of
mail filtering? For the same machine above, could I make another DNS
name, in addition to "justin", called, say, "phread", and put another
entry in virtualhosts, in addition to the above ones, to deal with

I would make a cname pointer but, as has been pointed out recently,
those silly mail programs don't preserve cname names.