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two qmail questions
Vladimir Gabrielescu <> asks:
>2) it seems that qmail doesn't support VRFY and EXPN. I suppose this is
>done on purpose but the seem to be requiered by RFC821. Are there plans
>for them to be supported? It would seem to me that the administrator
>should be able to configure if he wants this two commands supported or
>not depending on the security requierments of the machine.

From the THOUGHTS file:

3. Receiving mail from the network (tcp-env, qmail-smtpd)

RFC 1123 requires VRFY support, but says that it's okay if an
implementation can be configured to not allow VRFY. qmail-smtpd doesn't
allow VRFY. If you desperately want your SMTP server (i.e., inetd) to
provide useful information for VRFY, just compile and install sendmail.
Were the RFC 1123 writers aware of the as-if principle of interface
specification? ... They say that VRFY and EXPN are important for
tracking down cross-host mailing list loops. Catch up to the 1990s,
guys: with Delivered-To, mailing list loops do absolutely no damage,
_and_ one of the list administrators gets a bounce that shows exactly
how the loop occurred. Solve the problem, not the symptom.

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