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Cannot fork on FreeBSD; Unix questions.
John C. Ring, Jr. writes:
> Putting almost full load on a QMAIL machine I've configured with FreeBSD
> (All incoming email, and a large portion of outgoing goes through it...), I'm
> now starting to see the following errors:
[... connot fork ...]
> I presume I'll need to recompile the kernel to set certain limits higher, but I
> thought I'd see if anyone on this list knows of another alternative, since most
> of you appear to be Unix gurus :)

Recompiling the kernel to raise certain ``hard'' limits is
normaly not necessary with FreeBSD. The /usr/sbin/sysctl utility
can set many critical kernel parameters at runtime.

FreeBSD organizes interesting kernel attributes in an SNMP MIB
style tree. Type /usr/sbin/sysctl -A to see them. You might want
to increase the values for kern.maxproc and kern.maxfiles. See
the sysctl manpage for details on how to do that.