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Using Procmail & Qmail + Mailing List Question
Hi all-

Maybe I missed these in the archives and docs, but I did look.
Recently switched from sendmail to q-mail with these problems/questions.

1. How do I feed mail I receive into procmail (yes, I recompiled
to have it look at $HOME/Mailbox), but am missing the command to feed it
to my old .forward file and then to my recipes (old forward file looks
like this:

"|IFS=' ' && p=/usr/local/bin/procmail && test -f $p && exec $p -Yf- || exit 75 #fredr"
What's the simple invocation in the .qmail file to get this to

2. How do I use the qlist program to both (a) archive a list so
late-comers can catch-up (or is hypermail/MonArc the only answer) and (b)
create digests for very active lists.

Thank for any assistance you can offer.

Fred B. Ringel
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