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qsmhook and cyrus: undue deferrals
Hello --

I've just gotten qmail to work pretty well with the Cyrus (IMAP
server) delivery program with the following ~alias/.qmail-default

|/var/qmail/bin/qsmhook -x alias- -lsDFMPn /usr/local/mail/cyrus/bin/deliver -f %g -d %u

Delivery to valid cyrus mailboxes works fine. However, when the cyrus
deliver program tries to indicate a "no such mailbox" error, qmail
takes this to mean temporary, not permanent failure, as this log entry

Feb 16 23:05:43 justin qmail: 856163143.232947 delivery 207: deferral: chris:_Mailbox_does_not_exist__/

(on the machine, "chris" is not a valid account.)

What is the propper way to get cyrus to generate a bounce message,
instead of just a funny log entry like this? Do I need to write
a wrapper around the deliver program to change the return code to
something qmail-specific?