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Re: How to lookup MX in RHS of ~qmaild/control/smtproutes
Hi, I wrote:

> All mail administrators are to use the nearest mailhub to
> save unwanted traffic. So at headquarters all messages sent to
> "" will relay to "mailhub-hdq". In some plant all
> messages sent to the same address will relay to "mailhub-thatplant",
> and so on.

> 2) Any "mailhub-*" host will down irregularly to make system backup.
> This makes no problem if we do MX lookup. For this reason, I don't
> want to describe a real machine name which have A record in RHS of
> smtproute.

The virtualdomain feature mostly resolves my problem.
I put following line into control/vrtualdomain.

Then create dummy user 'x' and put following line into ~x/.qmail-default
| forward "$EXT"

Note that mailhub-myplant has only MX records, but it works.


// Akira
Akira KIDA <>