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announce: rejectutils 20201215
rejectutils (, my SMTP recipient
validation toolkit, has been updated. Changes:

- qmail-qfilter-{ofmipd,smtpd}-queue: Remove after 2 years' deprecation.
If you're using these, please switch to qmail-qfilter-queue.
- qmail-qfilter-viruscan: Optionally build with qmail-queue-custom-error
support, returning the same error message as Russ Nelson's original
viruscan patch.
- qmail-qfilter-queue.8, qmail-rcptcheck.8: Add an ERRORS section.

The rejectutils patch doesn't need to be integrated into your main tree,
because it only adds new programs:

1. A QMAILQUEUE wrapper around qmail-qfilter
2. A RCPTCHECK wrapper that runs other RCPTCHECK programs (and works
under either RCPTCHECK or qmail-spp)
3. Some SMTP filter programs derived from patches by Paul Jarc, Ward
Vandewege, Andrew St. Jean, and Russ Nelson

These programs work well with a patched or unpatched notqmail, netqmail,
or qmail.

As always, feedback welcome.

- Amitai