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Tim Peters wrote:

> Fact is NS dropped the browser ball a couple years ago, then poked holes in
> it, then attached industrial-strength vacuum cleaners on the off chance any
> air remained.

Yeah, they made some poor decisions on where to spend their resources, as well
as some bad, abortive attempts to innovate (Javazilla). I think the company just
grew too fast, and they weren't able to manage the growth as well as it should
have been. And of course, it is hard to invest huge sums of money into your
browser (once considered a bread-and-butter product), when Microsoft gives a
decent, competing product away for free. As others have said, that really killed
the market for browser development.

I still see a lot of promise in the future of Mozilla, and I'm willing to wait another
six months to see what it will really be able to do. In fact, when it is far enough
along, it might be fun to contribute the Python interface (enabling Python applets,
ala Grail) to it.

Chad Netzer