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Tkinter MDI, dockable toolbars, tree, progressbar, flatbuttons
I've been working on some new widgets for Tkinter
including a MDI, dockable toolbars, tree, progressbar, and flatbuttons.
The MDI is almost done, though there are some problems with
resizing the child windows and setting the focus to half-way buried
child windows. Resizing only seems to make the child windows bigger,
for some reason, and rarely smaller. Setting the focus to a buried
child window is problematic because most of the time the child window
has children of its own on top of it, and binding the child window's
method to clicks on its children doesn't seem to do anything.

Also, I have no idea how the widgets look on unix or mac, so they probably
pretty bad because of a mish-mash of styles (I copied the windows icons,
with gifs and canvas items). If anyone could send me gifs of widgets on
platforms, I could put in some platform specific code to make them look
nicer there.

Any help is appreciated - The files are available at: