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RE: urgent (actually NOT urgent at all.)
This is a bit sillier then some other discussions here!

There are many programs (especially back when more command-line programs were used) that presented default prompts like "$" and many or most of them let you over-ride it.

Can someone tell this person that if >>> is not pleasing, they can do something like:

import sys
sys.ps1 = "what do you wish Mistress? -=> "

And this can be set per session or perhaps across all accounts in an installation as a default?

Some people focus on minutiae rather than either accept a language as being what it is, or finding a different way that meets their needs.

I occasionally have made the prompt empty for a while so I can more easily do cut and paste from it. All that is needed for some is to make whatever prompt be somewhat unique among the other prompts they normally face. Sure, on some screens there are ways to add color or even odd characters and graphics to some prompts but who needs sexy?

Realistically, many of us do so much of the programming elsewhere as in some editor or environment, and especially a language like python where indentation levels are strictly a part of the language.

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> On 31 Aug 2021, at 16:53, jak <nospam@please.ty> wrote:
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>> Hari wrote:
>>> i was download ur python software but it is like boring user
>>> interface for me like young student to learn ,can u have any updates?
>> God, let me die please...
> Oh no, please don't speak in that way ... evidently now that python
> has reached its tenth version its prompt is a little boring. It may
> need to be replaced. You could open a competition notice to vote on
> the new prompt. I would vote for:
> :^P>

The big problem with >>> is that it means a third level quote in email clients.
So when people cut-n-paste REPL output it’s formatted badly by email clients.
A prompt that avoided that issue would be nice.

>>> print(“this is not a quoted reply”)


> rofl
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