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Python UI (was Re: urgent)
On 29/08/2021 11:28, Hari wrote:
> i was download ur python software but it is like boring user interface

I agree it is a boring user interface. Just 3 chevrons: >>>
You can change it a little if you want but ultimately its
just an invitation to type commands.

What kind of interface did you have in mind?

If you want a GUI to develop code there are literally
dozens of those. But ultimately programming is about
typing text into an editor.

> me like young student to learn ,can u have any updates?

There are many tools to help you work with python.
If you tell us what kind of things you want we can tell
you where to find them (if they exist!)

But the basic Python interpreter is primarily there
to run your programs, it's hard to see how you can make
that less boring without also making it very inefficient.
And professional users would hate that!

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