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Re: [Possibly off-topic] Python-Announce floods and delays
On Mon, Jul 08, 2019 at 03:27:50PM -0400, Jonathan Goble wrote:
> (I don't know the best list to post this to, so if this is not it,
> please forgive me and point me in the right direction. Thanks.)
> So my inbox, and probably many of yours, was flooded this afternoon
> with a dozen-plus emails from the Python-Announce list. I understand
> that this list requires every email to be manually approved by a
> moderator. The problem is that this is done infrequently. Prior to
> today, the last round of approvals was June 26, almost two weeks ago.
> This is not an atypical delay; on the contrary, it seems that
> moderators only look at the queue once every one to two weeks.
> There are several problems with these delays:
> 1. They result in floods of emails, with a large number of emails in a
> short period of time. This makes inbox management difficult on the
> days that approvals are done. Before you argue that "it's fine if you
> have the right tools configured in the right way", consider that there
> are probably many people who are subscribed to Python-Announce who
> have no interest in and are not subscribed to any of the actual
> discussion lists where such tools are most beneficial. Complex tool
> configurations should not be a requirement for managing incoming
> emails from what is essentially (to those people) a notification-only
> mailing list. These people would be better served by frequent
> approvals several times a week, allowing them to get fewer emails at
> one time, but in a more timely manner.
> 2. Speaking of a more timely manner, the lengthy delays result in
> redundant and outdated emails going through after the point where they
> are no longer relevant. One such issue exemplified by today's set of
> approvals (and seen on previous occasions before) is an announcement
> of a new release of a PyPI package not being approved until after
> there has already been a subsequent release to that same package. In
> this case I am referring to the pytest 5.0.0 announcement sent to the
> list on June 28 (according to the headers), followed by the pytest
> 5.0.1 announcement sent to the list on July 5. Neither was approved
> and delivered to subscribers until today.
> 3. More importantly in terms of delays, on July 3 an announcement was
> sent to the list regarding the impending switch of EuroPython ticket
> rates to the late registration rate on July 6. This is an example of a
> time-sensitive announcement that needs to not be delayed. Instead, the
> email was not approved and delivered to subscribers until today, July
> 8, after the conference has already begun, and not in time for list
> subscribers to react and avoid the late registration rates.
> Is there a solution to this that would enable moderators to approve
> more frequently? I understand that they are probably volunteers and
> need to find spare time to wade through the queue, but if approvals
> are done more frequently (even daily), then it will consume much less
> time on each occasion. It would go from a task requiring an entire
> hour (as it apparently did today based on the delivery timestamps) to
> something that can be done on a coffee break.

I already help moderate python-ideas and would be happy to help moderate

C. Titus Brown,
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