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[Encode] 3.14 Released

Just updated Encode to 3.14.

> Pull request #72 fixed memory
> corruption but introduced a new memory leak as dst scalar is not mortal
> anymore and not every possible exit from every XS function properly release
> scalar's memory.
> Fix this memory leak by making dst scalar mortal again. To not re-introduce
> that memory corruption, first store dst scalar into temporary variable and
> then save it into stack via ST(0) macro.

=head1 Availability

* git clone git://
* CPAN near you.

Travis is all green.


=head1 CPAN index

Distribution file: Encode-3.14.tar.gz
Number of files: 225
*.pm files: 26
README: Encode-3.14/README
META-File: Encode-3.14/META.json
META-Parser: Parse::CPAN::Meta 1.4414
META-driven index: no
Timestamp of file: Fri Oct 8 00:35:29 2021 UTC
Time of this run: Fri Oct 8 00:38:31 2021 UTC

=head1 Changes

$Revision: 3.14 $ $Date: 2021/10/08 00:30:35 $
! Encode.xs
Pulled: Fix memory leak in function encode_method()

=head1 AUTHOR

Dan the Encode Maintainer
Re: [Encode] 3.14 Released [ In reply to ]
Dan Kogai <> wrote:
> Porters,
> Just updated Encode to 3.14.

Hi Dan, it looks like you missed Pali's note about reverting
commit 2397881 (resolve RT#139622).

Pali's change is more complete than 2397881. With 3.14,
the leak test included with RT#139622 hits SIGSEGV: