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Re: Planning notes for CGI::Response
> Does anybody else think the AutoLoader/SelfLoader are actually
> workaround/kludges because there isn't a real Perl compiler? I mean a real
> Perl compiler can save the O(n) hash building time by compiling the scripts
> into a binary form like java does, and then perl can do one fread and load
> the whole hash map... Please, Tim, recruit some smart guys to hack a perl
> compiler! (just some extensions to perl) should not be too difficult, it
> may as well save the current CGI::* modules because of their
> correct/complete approach is really only hindered by the startup time...

Luke, I can see what you mean here. I think Malcolm and Larry had
been thinking about byte-compiler stuff, but I'm pretty sure that there's
been no further work down on this.

If only we had someone needing a master's project... :-)