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OpenStack Conference Registration - We Want You to Attend

The OpenStack community is once again planning to gather for our next
OpenStack Conference from October 5-7, 2011 in Boston, MA at the Boston
Intercontinental Hotel. The agenda is in active creation with topics
* Keynote Speakers form HP, Dell, Nebula, Canonical, NetApp, and NTT
* User Case Studies form CERN, Acens Technologies, MercadoLibre, and others
* Panel Discussions on Governance, Distributions, and Service Providers
* Detailed sessions on all existing OpenStack projects as well as several
incubation projects
* Cloud Camp Thursday night followed by Puppet Labs party
* Complete development plan for Essex release
I strongly encourage you to pass this email around your company to promote
awareness as well as provide registration information. The hotel discounts
are only valid until September 16 so I am pushing your company to select
attendees and register shortly.

Event Registration -

Hotel Discount -

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