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Future Sponsorship of OpenStack Community Events

As you are aware, we recently held our OpenStack Conference and Design
Summit event in Santa Clara, CA with close to 500 attendees and over 130
sessions in four days. This was the first OpenStack event with sponsorship
opportunities and I want to thank those companies that sponsored the event
and also follow-up with the OpenStack ecosystem partner community with some
lessons learned from that event related to sponsors:
* 1 master public list of sponsors with their deliverables
* Establish clear deadlines for deliverables with specific requirements
* Deliver requirements to sponsors in a timely manner -> leverage a master
public location with all requirements and guidelines for sponsors to
simplify information access for sponsors
* Add track sponsorship as a new deliverable (Dell sponsorship of Service
Provider Track was well received)
* Limit number of sponsors getting a confirmed session in the event
If you have other ideas about sponsorship for future OpenStack events,
please contact me directly as I am starting work on the October OpenStack
event targeted for October 3-6, 2011 in Boston or New York. We plan to run
the OpenStack Design Summit from October 3-5 and the OpenStack Conference
from October 5-6 which is the opposite of what we have done for the last two

Full conference review at


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