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Re: [openstack-dev] [Quantum]NEC OpenFlow Plugin: Agent and Packet Filter
On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 03:31:10PM -0700, Dan Wendlandt wrote:

> [Agent or VIFDriver]
> This plugin has an agent that corrects only port information. Another
> solution is plugin-specific VIFDriver/InterfaceDriver that
> plugs interface, gets port information and sends it to Quantum Server.
> The reason why I modified agent: there are some discussions about plugging
> a network interface around F summit. 1. Plugin specific
> codes should be separate from nova. 2. VIFDriver should be focused on only
> plugging (work something required to plug: e.g..
> VIFDriver for Cisco plugin finds which device to plug).
> But, Ryu plugin has plugin-specific VIFDriver(and InterfaceDriver) that
> plugs VIF and corrects port information. It is similar to
> NEC Plugin's VIFDriver for Essex. Is this acceptable?
> Or, plugin developer can choice it with considering trade-off between code
> separation and behavior simplification.
> The Ryu vif-driver is in the Quantum repo, which in general is bad and has led
> to breakage as things change in Nova, and the vif-driver that is not in nova
> gets out of date. Thus, I'd rather arrive at a model where all vif-drivers are
> in Nova.

Right now I'm addressing elimination of Ryu specific vif driver by replacing
OVS's with iface-id in ovsdb.

> What we want to avoid is complex and frequently changing logic in the Nova
> vif-plugging. What would be nice to arrive at is if we could get a common
> model used by many plugins to report information from the vif-plugging back to
> Quantum. With that, Quantum would have a way of providing data to Nova (i.e.,
> the data returned by the port create request) and Nova would have the ability
> to report any data resulting from the plug back to Quantum. Between the two, I
> think we should have most bases covered. This founds like a good topic for the
> Grizzly summit. I'll add it to my list of topics to suggest :)

Yes, this will be very useful.

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