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FreeBSD base system [was Re: Call for testing: openssh-9.1]
On Sun, 2 Oct 2022 at 04:46, Damien Miller <> wrote:
> > There are also a few FreeBSD changes / issues that are still waiting:
> I'll take a look, but these are unlikely to make release sorry.

No worries, there's always another release.

> >

This one is a reference to the addition of login class-based
restrictions. The latest version of this change is in a GitHub pull
request at

> >

This one is cleaning up one remaining instance of without-password vs
prohibit-password. The text exists only in -portable, not OpenBSD.

> >

Issue with DISABLE_LASTLOG vs printlastlog on systems without
lastlog.ll_line. Some more details at

There are a few other outstanding changes that might be of interest; I
will rebase and review them and then follow up.
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