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Feature proposal
Am 31.01.22 um 17:25 schrieb Thomas Köller:
> Am 27.01.22 um 23:24 schrieb Darren Tucker:
>> In this case either is fine.  Bugzilla is preferable for anything
>> non-trivial (having all of the context in one place helps, especially
>> if it's something that needs rework, we can't look at for a while or
>> needs tracking over time).
> I now uploaded the patch series I was working on to bugzilla:
> It also contains the
> include fixes and therefore I retract this patch and also

AFAICT my proposal hasn't gotten any attention yet, so I am wondering if
I should better have posted the patch series to this list, instead of
creating a bugzilla request, in spite of the above advice?


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